Breast Actives ingredients

Breast Actives is a home-based therapy that may enlarge your cup size through consistent use. The high efficiency of Breast Actives rests within the 100% natural composition of the breast enlargement cream and dietary pills.

The ingredients contained in these two products have been extracted from plants that are medically certified to deliver visible chest enhancement results. Here are the components that can make your dream of having larger, rounder boobs become a reality:

Vitamin E

Your body requires a healthy dose of this healthy compound each day to sustain high estrogen production. Breast Actives provides a reliable amount of vitamin E in its pills and topical cream to ensure gradual bust augmentation.

Vitamin A

This natural compound increases the number of nutrients and antioxidants that you take in every day. Regular use of Breast Actives allows you to develop bigger boobs naturally and protected from free radicals.


Breast Actives supplement pills contain 50mg of L-Tyrosine – an amino acid with essential properties in muscle growth, metabolism rate enhancement and bust increase.

Fenugreek seeds

This naturally obtained essence is one of the most crucial ingredients in surgery-free chest enhancement. Breast Actives contains it in both the topical cream and the dietary supplement pills.

Dong Quai Root

This herbal essence boosts your overall health by improving blood circulation. As part of the Breast Actives supplement pills, the Dong Quai extract nourishes your body and helps you grow more massive boobs faster.


Fennel seeds contain healthy nutrients that support the bust enhancement and improve your health condition by lowering your blood pressure.


Watercress essence is a crucial component of the Breast Actives pills. This herbal extract improves the health condition of your breasts by diminishing cancer threats and sustaining natural chest enlargement.

Dandelion root

The herbal extract obtained from Dandelion root accelerates cell regeneration and helps you produce more breast tissue than ever before.

Blessed Thistle

The organic oil obtained from Blessed Thistle is rich in estrogen and supports hormone production and long-term hormonal balance.


This organic substance obtained from seaweed is rich in minerals and iodine. Its inclusion in Breast Actives generates stable tissue growth, hormone production and long-term bust enlargement with zero negative consequences.

Almond Oil

The oil obtained from almonds is rich in benefits for breast augmentation. Its presence in the Breast Actives cream improves hormone production and reduces the damage produced by toxins and free radicals.


This plant extract plays a crucial role in the Breast Actives cream as a natural protector of your skin and newly-enhanced beautiful breasts.

Saw Palmetto

This substance is essential for healthy breast growth that stands the test of time. It’s uniquely rich composition of nourishing compounds delays aging and helps you keep a firm, lifted cleavage.

Red Clover

This herbal extract feeds your body with phytonutrients that are essential for hormonal balance. In time, you produce more estrogen, which is necessary for natural breast enhancement.

Wild Yam

Breast Actives uses a significant amount of wild yam extract to enhance your protection against breast diseases and increase your sex drive. Long-term use may improve both your health and your sexual experiences.

Pueraria Mirifica

This plant is native to Southeast Asia, and the organic essence obtained from its roots is renowned for its ability to imitate estrogen. As an essential part of Breast Actives cream, this natural extract helps you maintain hormonal balance and grow noticeably more massive boobs with minimum effort.

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